How to Calculate the Floor Tiles Your Home Needs


Do you ever wonder how many floor tiles are needed to cover the area of your house? If you think you need to hire a professional installer to know such information, don’t worry. In fact, you can actually do it yourself. With just a few simple steps, you can find out how many tiles you need for your home with ease.

Take the following steps to compute how many tiles your house needs.

  1. Measure the length and width of the room. The usual unit used when calculating the needed number of tiles is square foot, therefore, measure the length and width in foot.
  2. Multiply the length of the room by its width. The product is the room’s square footage. For example, the length is measured 8 feet while the width is 7 feet. Your room’s square footage is 56.
  3. Compute for the waste factor. The waste factor is the allowance you’ll need in case you made mistakes during cuts which will and need tile replacements. It varies depending on the tile size, cut, layout or pattern you want.

To compute for waste factor, multiply the square footage of the room by 10%. Let’s try to compute the example given above.

56 sq. ft. x 10% = 5.6

The waste factor for the example above is 5.6.

For diagonal or diamond patterns, just increase the usual waste factor by 5%. Multiply the square footage by 15% to get the total amount of tiles.

  1. Compute for the total number of tiles needed. When calculating, the general rule is:

Length x Width + Waste = Total Tiles Needed

From the example above, let’s try to compute for the total tiles needed.

8ft. x 7ft. + 5.6 = 61.6

For 12-inch tiles, the total square footage of the room plus the waste factor is the same as the number of tiles required to cover the area. You’ll need a total of 61.6 12-inch tiles for a 56 sq. ft. room area. However, for other tile sizes, you’d have to convert the size in square feet.

The six-inch tile, for example, is equivalent to 0.25 sq. ft. Divide the total square footage of the room plus the waste factor by 0.25 to determine the number of floor tiles you need. For a 56 sq. ft. room, you need 224 six-inch tiles to cover the area.

The same steps above also apply when computing for the tiles needed for walls.

Additional Tip: Aside from calculating the number of tiles you need, it is a good practice to keep at least a box of the same tiles after completing the installation. You’ll never know when you will need them. And it would spell trouble if your tiles break and you’ll need replacement, but find out the same tiles are out of stock already.

There you have it. With a few measuring, converting and computation, you’ll discover how many floor tiles you’ll need for your next project. Knowing the simple steps above should help you plan and budget the next tiles installation for your home.



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