5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Shipping Company in the Philippines

Different freight forwarders offer different services. For instance, a shipping company in the Philippines may ship goods internationally while another may only transport locally. One may take weeks to ship your package while the other may only take days. These differences in services matter, especially for businesses like you. It is always important that you ask the right questions before choosing the right courier.

Aside from the cost of shipment, here are some important questions you should ask to your prospective shipping company.

Are they a licensed shipping company?

A license says a lot about a freight forwarding company’s legitimacy. A license can help you identify the trustworthy companies from scams. In the Philippines, a shipping company without license is not allowed to operate so avoid such forwarder at all cost no matter how cheap the offer or how sweet the sales talk.

Where do they ship?

Some forwarders are limited to shipping in certain countries only, therefore, it is necessary to ask a list of places they ship. Also, it is a good practice to check the networks they have overseas. A good network allows good information flow overseas, enabling you to track your goods as it gets delivered.

What packages do they ship?

Some couriers don’t ship certain types of goods. Common items prohibited from being transported include perishable goods, livestock, glass and other fragile materials. Knowing which goods a forwarder ships will save you from future headaches.

What are the available shipment options?

Some shipments require a specific mode of transport. For instance, urgent shipments need quicker delivery times, and air freights generally deliver faster than ocean freight. Others being delivered internationally may also need truck or railroad transportation, while domestic shipments may require a different setup altogether. The available transport modes should help determine which the best forwarder is for you.

How do they mitigate risks?

Ask the shipping company how they assess and reduce cargo risks. Does their insurance cover theft, damage or loss? How do they handle such cases? Ask these questions before deciding because you’ll never know when tragedy my strike and drag your business along with it.

Now that you know the important questions to ask before choosing a shipping company in the Philippines, you are now better equipped to run your business. Go ahead and contact your prospective freight forwarders and determine which one perfectly suits all your needs.

Shipping companies made transporting goods possible and having the right people to do the job is what makes it possible.


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